Image Analysis

In the Image Analysis research area, we develop and apply methods for computational processing and analysis of digital microscopy images, especially for solving problems in biology and medicine. A wide range of biomedical research projects rely on microscopy data which require specifically designed image analysis workflows to support the identification of complex biological processes. In close collaboration with our partners from research and industry, we develop algorithms and software that analyze microscopy images, for example fluorescence microscopy images of cells or other kinds of organic material. Our focus in algorithm development is mainly on methods of signal processing, machine learning, and computer vision for information extraction and interpretation. Besides filtering and denoising for pre-processing and feature extraction methods, we use machine learning approaches such as deep learning for object detection, segmentation, and object tracking. In addition to workflows and algorithms, we implement image analysis software (e.g. Spotty) for biological research to automatically detect, track, and analyze cells and particles to support fundamental research and drug development. For image analysis, we build on tools and frameworks such as MATLAB, OpenCV, and TensorFlow.



Selected Publications