Hi from Monte Verità and the EuBIC-MS Developers Meeting!

Micha and Louise participated in the EuBIC-MS Developers Meeting 2023 (eubic-ms.org/events/2023-developers-meeting/) that took place from the 15th until the 20th of January 2023 at Monte Verità, Ticino in Switzerland.

With the overall theme being “AI in proteomics” the event program included several exciting talks from keynote speakers, a poster session and three full days of parallel hackathon sessions where participants worked on developing new bioinformatic tools and resources.

On the first day of the event Micha presented his poster “MS Annika identifies cross-linked peptides in MS2-MS3-based workflows at high sensitivity and specificity” and Louise presented her poster “Towards Open Modification Search”.

During the parallel hackathon sessions both Micha and Louise worked on the project “Making sense of internal fragment ions” where they developed a streamlit app that allows you explore your data further by annotating and visualizing both terminal and internal fragment ions.       

It was a great experience being around so many people in the field of computational proteomics and to develop new tools with them!