System Requirements

  • IMEX is available for Windows operating systems (64-bit)

  • Installed memory (RAM): minimum 16 GB

  • Microsoft .NET 4.0

  • Internet access for downloading gene lists derived from the IMGT® information system.


Please download the stable version here: ImmunExplorer v. 1.1

Additional data for testing IMEX can be downloaded here: small data sets (without files for testing the splitter and merger) and big data sets (includes data for the splitter and merger).

If there are problems with firewall settings or if internet access is limited, please download the gene lists for IG and TR here. Copy the gene lists in the current folder. The current folder is located default in C:/public/imex/current/.


  • Carefully read the License agreement and proceed only if you agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Right click on the downloaded .zip file and select the menu item “Properties” in the context menu.

  • If this property is visible, click “Unblock” and “OK” to close the “Properties” window.

  • Extract the content of the downloaded .zip file in a separate folder.

  • Navigate to the extracted folder and double-click on ImmunExplorer.exe.

Third party software

IMEX uses third party software that is developed independently and must be downloaded and installed for certain features to work.


HeuristicLab is a framework for heuristic and evolutionary algorithms that is developed by members of the Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms Laboratory (HEAL).

Download HeuristicLab here.


Don’t forget to set the path to HeuristicLab in the IMEX Path settings afterwards.