IMGT® analysis

Sample analyses

Single sample analysis

You can load IMGT/HighV-QUEST output files into IMEX and use the following analysis methods:

  • Descriptive statistic analyzer and visualizer

  • Clone analyzer and visualizer

  • Primer analyzer and visualizer

  • V-(D)-J analyzer and visualizer

  • Diversity analyzer and parameter optimization

  • Clone tracker and machine learning


Figure 8: Single sample analysis


Figure 9: Clone view (left) and primer view (right)

Multi sample analysis

IMEX offers several methods for analysing and comparing samples. By now, descriptive statistics, clone analysis based on the CDR3 sequences, and diversity analysis can be performed automatically. The output files are located on the path you have selected at the beginning.

Comparison analyses

IMEX offers the following clone comparison methods:

  • Pairwise clone comparer

  • Multi clone comparer


Figure 10: Pairwise clone comparer


Figure 11: Multi clone comparer