MoPS - Mobile Peer Support - Patient Centered Mobile Services for Chronic Disease Management


HeadSebastian Pimminger BSc. MSc.

Daniela Borgmann MSc.
Christan Grossauer MSc.
FH-Prof. Mag. DI Dr. Clemens Holzmann
FH-Prof. DI Dr. Werner Kurschl
FH-Prof. DI Dr. Stephan Winkler 

Duration11/2015 - present
Research focus

Software technology and application 

Research institutions

University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria, Hagenberg Campus
Research Group Bioinformatics
Research Group Mobile Interactive Systems
Research Group Assistive Technology Lab

Sponsored by FFG Benefit

Project descriptionChronic diseases often decrease the quality of life and the well-being of patients. The aim of this project is to develop a platform that supports self-help strategies for people with chronic diseases: We plan to design and implement a self-learning, mobile coaching system that uses machine learning to identify how activities and drugs affect patients in the long term. This system shall be able to respond to the needs of patients and suggest activities to relieve symptoms; we so plan to improve the well-being of people suffering from chronic diseases.