PepSeq - Genome based Diagnostics

Head DI (FH) Dr. Erik Pitzer
Duration 2005 - 2007
Research focus Software technology and application 
Research institutions University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria, Hagenberg Campus
Research Center Hagenberg
Project description

Concerning the analysis of biological probations one particular thing is very interesting - the combination of proteins. The knowledge of proteins enables one to gain insight into the processes of an organism and creates the foundation of understanding the most simple functions of all living beings. Moreover, the knowledge of existing proteins may allow excellent and detailed comprehension of the innermost procedures in the body but is difficult to identify in general. Proteins are on one side just too complex to be analyzed by chemical methods and on the other side too small to be made visible.

For this reason previous methods shall be thoroughly analyzed and improved resulting in the operating procedure as a whole to become completely automated.