Head Prof.(FH) DI Dr. Stephan Winkler

DI Dr. Jaroslaw Jacak
Susanne Schaller MMSc.
Daniela Martina Borgmann MSc.
Dr. Julian Weghuber
Prof.(FH) DI Dr. Stephan Winkler


Duration 2011 - present
Research focus Software technology and application 
Research institutions University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria, Hagenberg Campus
Research Center Hagenberg
Project description

The Detector/MicroProt project is dedicated to the analysis of nanoscale microscopy images; we especially focus on the extraction of relevant structures in images and the effect secondary ingredients of plants.

Relevant structures found in nanoscale microscopy images are, e.g., cells and single molecules. We analyze and optimize the identification these objects and build statistical models hat describe their relationship as well as their movements. The goal is to find out, which features of these objects can be used for formulating classifiers that predict the presence or the state of certain diseases.

Receptor proteins on the surface of human cells play a key role in the transmission of signals from the environment into the interior of the cell. Receptors are activated or deactivated by various messengers and drugs: Many medically relevant drugs bind to receptors and thus bring about certain changes in individual cells and result in more organs or the entire organism. In this poject we concentrate on the investigation of phytochemicals which are well known in the community, but still their effects are not yet fully understood.

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