Österreichische Nationalbank Jubiläumsfond

01.02.2017 08:17

Great News! Some days ago we were informed that our project "NGS based analysis of the donor reactive T cell repertoire" has been accepted. This research project will be lead by our partners at the Medical University of Vienna and will be funded by the Österreichische Nationalbank Jubiläumsfond.

So, in the next two years we will work on the assessment of peripheral donor-reactive T cell repertoire to predict acute allograft organ rejection. Due to the large number of unique TCR rearrangements in humans with over 100,000 different T cell clonotypes representing the immune repertoire in in a young and healthy individual, receptor diversity analysis using conventional methods is a major technical challenge. We therefore will extend the functionality of the software ImmunExplorer to solve those technical questionaries and to predict those allograft rejections.