TIMed Center officially formed

21.12.2016 11:04

The Bioinformatics Research Group is proud to announce its involvement in the newly formed Center for Technological Innovation in Medicine (TIMed Center). Initialized by the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, the TIMed Center will promote interdisciplinary research projects combining the strengths of the FH OÖ faculties in Hagenberg, Linz and Wels. Between 2016 and 2020 TIMed Center will receive total funding of 1.25 million euros by the State Upper Austria to tackle current technical issues in life sciences. 24 researchers are involved with TIMed Center, including the members of the Bioinformatics Research Group. Also, our own head of research, Stephan Winkler, will be acting as vice-chair of the TIMed scientific board. We are looking forward to the many exciting opportunities for new research projects that the TIMed Center presents!