Informierte PatientInnen @ MedUni Wien

16.11.2016 07:17 By: SWI

On Monday our colleague Daniela attended the event "Informierte PatientInnen" at the Medical University Vienna. This information event was mainly focused on new developments and procedures in the field of handling, storing and processing confidential patient data and brought together diverse group of persons, as for instance patients, scientists, medical doctors, lawyers, and psychologists. Representatives of Patientube, MIDATA, and the Medical University of Vienna presented their current research work.
At the event multiple scientists presented their research results in this field, among them also our research partner Rudi Klausnitzer who presented the results of our research project MOPS, in which we (especially Daniela and Stephan) are also involved.
It was a very interesting event that opened the possibility to gain new insights in the field of patient data processing from different perspectives and to get a detailed overview of research projects and software tools, which already exist in this field.