It's Conference Time...

01.09.2016 10:15 By: SSC

Daniela Borgmann and Susanne Schaller are going to present posters about their current work at the 15th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) in The Hague, which takes place from September 2nd until 7th.
Susanne is going to present new developments of her software framework IMEX, while Daniela is going to give an overview about dementia classification and recognition based on neuropathological, hematological, and genetic data.

Sebastian, Viktoria and Stephan are going to attend the 14th Austrian Proteomic Research Symposium (APRS), which takes place from 5th until 7th September in Vienna. Viktoria will give a short talk about identifying chimeric MS/MS spectra using MS Amanda and Sebastian will present a poster about identifying tandem mass spectra of phosphorylated peptides before database search using machine learning.

Finally, after presenting at the APRS, Viktoria will fly to Toulouse and will give a talk at the iPBS seminar "Bioinformatics applied to proteomics" on "Analyzing high resolution tandem mass spectra using MS Amanda and ptmRS in Proteome Discoverer".

If you are also attending ECCB or APRS we would be happy if you visit our posters / talks!