Talks at the 10th International Multidisciplinary Modelling & Simulation Multi-Conference (I3M)

03.09.2014 By: SSC

Three members of our bioinformatics research group, namely Lisa Obritzberger, Susanne Schaller and Stephan Winkler gave a talk at the 26th European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (EMSS) in Bordeaux, France; Lisa presented...[more]

Stephan’s Research Visit at BEACON, Michigan State University

01.07.2014 By: SWI

Since April Stephan Winkler is at Michigan State University where he is joining BEACON, an NSF Center for the Study of Evolution in Action lead by Prof. Erik Goodman, as a visiting scholar. He is there working with computer...[more]

MS Amanda algorithm is published

11.06.2014 By: VDO

We are happy to announce that the peptide identification algorithm MS Amanda is now published in the Journal of Proteome Research, giving a detailed description on the algorithm. In addition, performance of MS Amanda was compared...[more]

Upcoming Events and Presentations

15.04.2014 By: SSC

In June 2014, Viktoria Dorfer will present the standalone version of MS Amanda at the ASMS conference. This year, ASMS - one of the biggest proteomics conferences world wide - will take place in Baltimore, MD, and starts at 15th...[more]

Farewell Stephan, Welcome Daniela

15.04.2014 By: SSC

Stephan Winkler has left Hagenberg to the United States of America - for the next three months he will join the research group of Professor Erik Goodman at the NSF Center for the Study of Evolution in Action (BEACON) at Michigan...[more]

Upcoming Presentation at APCASE

27.01.2014 By: SSC

In February, Stephan Winkler is going to attend this year’s Asia-Pacific Conference on Computer Aided System Engineering (APCASE 2014). He will there present our paper 'Identification and Classification of Objects and Motions in...[more]

Farewell Daniela, Welcome Lisa

02.09.2013 By: SSC

Our bioinformatics researcher Daniela Borgmann is leaving for Germany where she will be staying at the Helmholtz Center for a couple of months. We would like to thank Daniela for the great time here in Hagenberg at the Research...[more]

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